M.S.W. Final

Master of Social Work Part – II

(1)  Paper XI concurrent Field Work on Specialization Paper shall be assessed by both Internal and External Examiners.

(2) 50% marks shall be devoted to Internal Assessment and 50% marks shall be devoted to external assessment.

(3) Each student will be required to do fifteen hours of Field Work per week and a total of 150 hours in the Session.

(4) Failures in Field Work will have to repeat the course as regular students.

(5) Exemptions will be allowed in Theory Papers.

(6) The Candidates will complete his Research Project Report under the guide of the Dept. of Social Work where he is pursuing his studies. Research Project will be submitted by the candidate before 15th February, preceding the date of the Examinations and will be assessed by an Internal or External Examiner. The average of the marks as awarded by the Internal and External Examiners will be the actual marks obtained by the Examinee.

Master of Arts (Sociology) Part – II

Note :  * Optional subject in our college